SEABOB allows you to make one of your dreams come true: Discovering water with the agility of a dolphin

The SEABOB is the most versatile, quiet and environmentally friendly underwater electric vehicle on the world market today.

It allows you to tow at impressive speeds on (20 km/h) and under (18 km/h) water.

Thanks to the SEABOB, we are entering a new dimension.
You can explore the seabed up to 2.50 metres with a simple mask.

The SEABOB is a water activity accessible to all (including children) and controlled by all in less than 2 minutes.



Our playground:



An infinite driving pleasure: Relaxed or intense

A feeling of serene gliding. Sporty driving in water, on the surface or in apnea.
With SEABOB, one of your dreams becomes reality.
For the first time, humans can move in the water with the agility of a dolphin.

Move through the water with the agility of a dolphin, freely, on the surface and at depth.

Radio 1 teste Seabob, verdict Estelle et Christophe sont ravis :








SEABOB is a concentrate of technology

The SEABOB can be equipped with a Full-HD camera to record all the adventures and discoveries experienced in the fascinating underwater world as well as another Full-HD camera housed in the information screen. This camera will store all the recordings made by the pilot while driving the SEABOB.

A moment of pure happiness at sea

Enjoy a 20-minute boat ride to one of the most beautiful views of the bay, where you can enjoy a fresh fruit juice before taking the controls of your SEABOB.

Free cancellation: 100% refunded

In the event that the activity is cancelled due to bad weather conditions, we guarantee all our customers a full refund.

Enjoy your dive, SEABOB + IBUBBLE

Enjoy your dive towed by your SEABOB, iBubble the totally autonomous underwater drone follows you and films you without you having to do anything.


La Boutique SEABOB

Articles dedicated to the sea and the pleasure of the Seabobers

Capture extraordinary experiences

The SEABOB F5 S has some very frightening features! You won't find any underwater scooter that can offer you such handling and performance. You can enjoy its E-Jet Power System technology with 6 power levels.

The first autonomous underwater drone that films all your dives, wirelessly.

Completely autonomous iBubble follows you to a depth of 60 meters and films you without you having to do anything.

GoPro et découvrez les caméras embarquées 5K et à 360° les plus polyvalentes au monde

Revendeur agrée, nous vous proposons la nouvelle GoPro11 Black ainsi que toute la gamme et accessoires GoPro.


 "I had a very pleasant morning with your team, thank you. I didn't think it was for me, that I could do it and in fact yes, the handling of the seabob is very easy and I enjoyed it. I've never been underwater like this before, it's incredible. Thank you all! «  Mélanie L, France

 "What an incredible feeling! I, who have always been a motor and sliding enthusiast, have never had such a feeling of freedom, of power on the surface of the water.... And underwater it was absolutely crazy! Thanks to all the super nice team, I will come back during my next stay, that's for sure! «  Paulo Moreira, Brazil

 "Great machines, great team, great sensations, a mix of motorcycle, sliding, diving, with top-of-the-range equipment, thank you. «  Sanjay D, Mauritius

 "A top-notch aquatic experience. Being able to move on and in the water with such ease gave me the impression of freedom, communion with the water and play. My son loved and swears only by this new activity now....and what's more, it's very green! Congratulations to the team, very organized, available and friendly. We went there several times so..."  Diane Miu, France

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